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Directorate of Health Services

saglik.png Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations's Autobiography
Akgün was born in Edirne in the year 1965. He graduated from the Mathematic Department of İstanbul Büyükçekmece High School. In 1989, he started working in the Accounting Directorate of İstanbul Tepecik Municipality. In 1999, he graduated from the Department of Economics of Anadolu University. In 2000, he was the founding member of İstanbul Muratbey Municipality and worked at the Accounting Directorate of this municipality temporarily in order to carry out establishment and organization work. In the same year, he was transferred to Muratbey Municipality at which he was a founding official. He served as Deputy Mayor in Muratbey Municipality between the years of 2002 and 2009. After the local government elections in 2009, he was transferred to Büyükçekmece Municipality since Muratbey First Tier Municipality was attached to Büyükçekmece Municipality as per the provisions of Law No. 5747. He currently continues to serve as the Director of Financial Services in Büyükçekmece Municipality. Akgün is married with two children.

The directorate provides medical examinations for municipality personnel and needy citizens who do not have social insurance. The department tests the blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels of people and measures their tension. Invalid and disabled citizens are visited at their own house and their medical condition is evaluated during these visits. Citizens who need it are provided with home healthcare services (IV serum insertion, injections, medical dressing). Citizens are also provided with patient transportation services via ambulances between the hours of 8:00 and 16:00 during weekdays. All these services are offered free of charge by our municipality. Our department also participates in the commission regarding the inspection and licensing of medical and non-medical establishments within boundaries of the municipality and other inspections with relation to human health. Activities and events that are organized by our municipality in and out of town also have physicians, nurses and ambulances present at the location.


Medical Services: Our directorate, which provides medical services for the district people via 4 nurses, gives priority to invalid citizens who have difficulty in traveling to a health facility and cannot receive home healthcare services due to financial troubles. Our services are performed via medical treatment prescribed by a physician. Additionally, district people who can receive ambulatory treatment are also able to benefit from our health services (injections, dressings, blood sugar tests, cholesterol tests, tension measurement, etc.) at our location.

Identification of Needy Citizens: This service which we provide in cooperation with the Public Relations department enables us to identify needy people with health problems through screenings at home and applications. Identified people are provided with the health services they need under the principle of protecting and maintaining the health of the relevant citizen.

Patient Transportation Services: Our municipality possesses 2 ambulances, one of which is for disabled people. We transport invalid and disabled district people at a planned hour and day from house to house, house to hospital and hospital to house via organizing their transfer through an appointment system. Our ambulances also provide services at national holidays and celebrations, sports event of district schools and cultural activities out of town, together with a medical service team.

Inspection Services: Our directorate carries out the inspection of shops in the district in cooperation with the Directorate of License and Supervision at regular intervals as per the relevant regulations.


​​Directorate of Health Services of Büyükçekmece Municipality provides medical services with 1 on-site doctor, 4 nurses, 4 drivers, 3 ambulances, 1 ambulance for the disabled and 1 passenger car. Our directorate serves the public in two separate buildings, which are the Health Department and Home for the Disabled buildings. Statistical information belonging to year 2012 is provided below:

Number of people examined at the health department: 112

Number of instances where examination, dressing and injection services were provided for patients at home: 2255

Number of instances where dressing and injection services were provided for patients at the health department: 103

Number of people transported with ambulances: 4512

Total number of medical screenings and examinations provided by the on-site doctor for the permanent staff and contracted personnel of the municipality: 305

Number of underpads distributed to registered needy people who are invalid: 83

Activities of the Directorate of Health Services in 2012:

1.            February 3rd, 2012: 65 people who come from families with a disabled person were provided with Domestic Violence, First-Aid and Nutrition for the Disabled trainings.

2.            February 8th, 2012: The play "Acil Pozitif İnsan Aranıyor" (Emergency Donor for Positive Type Humanity" was staged by the theatre company "Y.E.K." and disabled children from our district at Büyükçekmece AKM.

3.            February 13th, 2012: A Yeşim Salkım concert was organized in cooperation with the Environment Protection Association for the benefit of disabled people. There was also an exhibition for the handicraft artwork of disabled children and their families during the concert.

4.            There was an exhibition for the handicraft artwork of disabled people during an Eda-Metin Özülkü concert.

5.            February 15th, 2012: Disabled children and their parents were provided with training on the subjects of Disability Rights and Personal Hygiene and Care.

6.            During the months of February and March, School of Nursing students from Arel University were provided a 45-day training within scope of the "Project for How to Support Disabled People and People Requiring Nursing Care".

7.            February 18th, 2012: It was enabled for disabled children in the district to attend the İnci Çayırlı concert.

8.            February 20th, 2012: 9 year-old Melek, most of whose face and body was burnt due to a heater explosion, was enabled to undergo her 7th surgery in the Plastic Surgery unit of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty. Mayor AKGÜN presented the little girl who wishes to become a doctor when she grows up a computer which was her biggest wish; the computer was delivered to Melek by our department.

9.            February 21st, 2012: Disabled children of our district were taken to visit the Büyükçekmece Command of the Officers' Club.

10.          February 24th, 2012: In cooperation with the association ÇİDER, a seminar on the subject of In-Vitro Fertilization was provided for the Büyükçekmece people and 35 couples who were unable to have a child were supported in their treatment.

11.          February 29th, 2012: The fingerprints of disabled children were taken in cooperation with the Büyükçekmece District Police Department as a measure against incidences of disappearance or getting lost.

12.          March 8th, 2012, Women's Day Activities:

The seminars which were organized by our directorate are given below;

"Women in Life" by Professor Doctor Nesrin Aşti

"Media and Women" by Professor Doctor Nazife Güngör

"Law and Women" by Attorney Vildan Yirmibeşoğlu

"Psychology and Women" by Psychologist Selin Karacehennem

13.          April 10th, 2012: On Police Day, the District Police Department was paid a visit by the trumpet group of the disabled scouts.

14.          April 16th, 2012: A psychological support training by Professor Doctor Mansur Beyazyürek was organized by our directorate for disabled children and their families.

15.          April 23rd, 2012: It was enabled for the trumpet group of the disabled scouts to attend the National Sovereignty and Children's Day celebrations.

16.          April 26th, 2012: "Protection from Home Accidents and First-Aid" training was provided for a group of 60 people consisting of disabled children and their parents.

17.          May 16th, 2012: The Disability Week was celebrated with the participation of United Confederation of the Disabled, Environment Protection Association, Gymnastics Club and some other associations.

18.          May 25th, 2012: Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial was visited with a group of 60 people consisting of disabled children and their parents.

19.          June 17th, 2012: Due to the 100th year of scouting, a "Love, Peace and Tolerance Camp" of 350 people was organized at Mimarsinan marina with participation from disabled scouts of Konya, Düzce, Manisa, Ankara, Kayseri, Giresun and Arnavutköy.

20.          July 20th, 2012: Underpads were distributed to invalid patients and their relatives were trained on the subject of personal hygiene.

21.          July 25th, 2012: Invalid patients and their relatives were trained on how to use their drugs at home.

22.          August 30th, 2012: The Victory Day was celebrated with participation from 50 disabled children.

23.          September 3rd, 2012: 40 disabled people were given training on "Disability Rights".

24.          380 disabled children and their parents were enabled to attend the seminar "What Should We Do?" by Professor Doctor Nesrin Aşti.

25.          350 disabled children and their parents were enabled to attend the seminar "Addictions and Methods of Recovery from Addictions" by Professor Doctor Mansur Beyazyürek.

26.          November 19th, 2012: Due to Taxation Week, the director and deputy director of the Büyükçekmece Tax Office paid a visit to disabled children.

27.          A campaign under the title of "Be My Sibling" was initiated at our Home for the Disabled. Within scope of the campaign, a bond of siblinghood was established between our young disabled Özlem Korkmaz and Esteemed Ahmet Şahin, our city council member. This bond was multiplied with increasing participation.

28.          A chess club was established in the Home for the Disabled in order to contribute to the development of brain and mind.

29.          Our disabled children were enabled to participate in the "Youth Forest Project" organized by our municipality.

30.          December 27th, 2012: A new year's celebration event was organized for our disabled children.

31.          The drivers who work at the Directorate of Health Services were sent to a course on "Ambulance Driving and First Aid" and it was made obligatory for these drivers to receive certificates from this course.

32.          3 defibrillators were obtained to be used in the Directorate of Health Services of Büyükçekmece Municipality and the healthcare personnel were trained on how to use these.

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