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Directorate of License and Supervision

nazan.pngLicense and Supervision Manager​'s Autobiography


Workplaces are classified under three group according to the Business License Regulations.

  1. Sanitary Establishments
  2. NSE
  3. Public Recreation and Entertainment Places

Besides, workplaces manufacturing food products or material in contact with foodstuff are issued a Foodstuff Registry Certificate and in addition, workplaces not in the scope of the Business License Regulation are given a Business Permit.

In the light of the Büyükçekmece Municipality's principles of transparency in decision making and applying, justice and equality in practice, sustainable practices rather than temporary solutions;

To give Business Licenses, Week-end Licenses to all workplaces (sanitary, 2nd and 3rd class non-sanitary, public recreation and entertainment places) opened within the borders of Büyükçekmece county borders,

To complete procedures on time with regard to the application made to obtain a "Business License" in compliance with the regulations of the relevant authority and to deliver the license,

To cancel the license of the workplaces in the county when not able to fulfill the conditions required by the license, to notify the respective people with regard to the cancellation of the license and decision of closure. 

To carry out the procedures with regard to the renewal of week-end licenses annually,

To procure the licensing and monitoring of the workplaces bearing the qualifications of public recreation and entertainment places in cooperation with the County Security Directorate,

To control and monitor the if the conditions required for the sustainability of activity with regard to the environment, work safety, workers' health, sanitation, public health, fire prevention measures are met or not,

To carry out audits and procedures necessary to preserve the people against the harms of the activities of the workplaces,

Upon any request, to determine whether a workplace possesses qualification of an upper class rather than the class it is in, to upgrade or carry out the procedures with regard to downgrade when necessary,

To achieve goals referred to the directorate with the strategic planning, to carry out the tasks and procedures,

Duties of the Directorate of License and Supervision;

  1. To receive the license applications of the sanitary establishments, to inspect the workplace on site in accordance with the respective regulations, to issue business licenses to workplaces meeting the requirements after taking the approval of the respective institutions and directorates in compliance with the respective regulations, to report the information of workplaces not meeting the conditions to the respective directorates and organizations with regard to their closure,
  2. To receive license application before 2nd and 3rd class Non-sanitary Establishments are inaugurated, to inspect on-site with the NSE commission with regard to the regulations and the environmental health, and when necessary, to issue licenses of places deemed suitable upon the decision of the NSE commission after taking the opinions of  the respective organizations and directorates,
  3. To ensure the cease of the activities of 2nd and 3rd class Non-sanitary Establishments which don't meet the licensing requirements and that avoid taking necessary measures or by issuing report for their decertification, to send the information regarding the decision made on this matter to the Office of the Mayor, the respective organizations and directorates,
  4. To inspect on site after assessing issue like the joint inspections carried out with the Municipality Police, the complaints from the people and/or the correspondences received from the public organizations and institutions, to submit a report stating the troubles detected to the commission, to notify the respective directorates and organization for the effectuation of the decree of the commission. According to the shortcomings detected, to have the workplaces take preventive measures, to cease the activities of the places not taking any measures.
  5. In compliance with the 22/08/2005 dated and 2005/84 numbered circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate of Local Administrations, to issue Foodstuff Registry Certificate, to workplaces which possess NSE license and which produce goods that come in contact with foodstuff on the condition that if the minimum technical hygienic conditions are met, to have the nonconformities resolved,
  6. To give Business Permits to workplaces which are not in the scope of the Business License Regulation.
  7. To carry out inspections in terms of human health and foodstuff hygiene in the neighborhood of school canteens and the district bazaars together with the Directorate of Municipality Police.
  8. To give seminars to the workplace owners and employees in line with the requirements.
  9. To carry out the necessary correspondences with the Office of The Mayor, Governorship and District Governorship, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Regional Directorate of SSN, Chamber of Commerce, District and First Tier Municipalities, other directorates of our Municipality, Chamber of Artisans and Professions, to express opinions with regard to the correspondences and to assess and reply complaint petitions, e-mails from people. 


Unit:​​​​​Ruhsat ve Denetim Müdürlüğü
​Telefon:​212 885 25 00
​Fax:​(212) 885 02 30
​Adres:​Kumburgaz Merkez Mah. Belediye Cad. No:3 Posta Kodu: 34900 Büyükçekmece / İSTANBUL
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