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Directorate of Legal Affairs

hukuk.png Deputy Director of Legal Affairs​' Autobiography


Duties of the Directorate of Legal Affairs

The duties, authorities and responsibilities assigned to our directorate as per the regulations on our work:

  • Performing all operations and taking all actions, filing lawsuits, tracking open lawsuits and Directorate of Execution files in order to protect the rights and benefits of the municipality by representing the municipality as claimant or respondent at places of jurisdiction and acting as agent of the Mayor,
  • Collecting information and documents on open lawsuits or lawsuits to be opened from the relevant municipality units, preparing claims and defense in the light of these documents and information, sending the decisions made by places of jurisdiction to the relevant units,
  • Acting in awareness that withdrawal from lawsuits, amicable settlement, ensuring abatement of the action via failure to attend hearings or waiving appeal shall only be possible via written directions from the Mayor; complying with such directions,
  • Examining warning letters sent to or by the legal entity of the municipality on the letters of advice to be arranged by units from a legal perspective and providing opinions on these,
  • Complying with the directions that are sent by the mayorship as per legislations,
  • Preparing strategic plans for the directorate and carrying out activities as per these plans,
  • Providing legal opinions on the problems faced by the municipal directorates and institutions affiliated with the municipality during their practices on demand from directorates and approval from the mayorship.

    • -Protecting the rights and benefits of the municipality on legal platforms.
    • -Representing the legal entity of the municipality at judicial and administrative courts and execution offices.
    • -Collecting information and documents for the purposes of preparing claims and defense for open lawsuits or lawsuits to be opened.
    • -Replying to legal opinion requests from other directorates.
    • -Providing legal opinion on warnings to be instigated by the legal entity of the municipality to other legal entities upon request of the relevant directorate.
Phone:444 0 340​
​Fax:​(212) 883 69 68
​Address:​Mimarsinan Merkez Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:24 Büyükçekmece
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