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Directorate of Press and Public Relations

Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations'S Autobiography

Rıdvan Orhan who was born in 20.08.1962 has worked in different positions in Büyükçekmece Municipality since 1986. He established Directorate of Press and Public Relations of the Municipality in 1997. Rıdvan Orhan is still continues to work in his current position.

  • Activities

    •           Determination and planning of the communication needs and requests between press organizations and municipality and carrying out and concluding the necessary coordination related to this matter.

    •           Compiling and reproducing news columns from the papers which are published nationally related to the municipality about politics, economy and social events and submitting them to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

    •           Notifying the local and national press about the daily agenda of the Mayor when necessary.

    •           Notifying the press about the explanations, notices and announcements which are deemed necessary to be informed to the public by the Mayor.

    •           Organizing the press meetings of Mayor.

    •           Ensuring that the name, address and phone numbers of the column writers and municipality reporters in printed and visual press.

    •           Carrying out various promotional works for informing citizens about events and organizations of Municipal services, infrastructure and units.

    •           Preparing press bulletins and sending them to the press organizations (such as newspaper, radio, television, magazine etc.) and transferring news to the related entities via e-mail and short message.

    •           Carrying out digital and opaque photo shoots in various events (such as activities, openings, visits etc.) and archiving them.

    •           Enabling the continuity of the information flow with the press members.

    •           Considering the right of people to receive information, creating an environment about informing public about completed and ongoing activities and organizing the informative meeting of the Mayor.

    •           Designing of all kinds of printed material to be used in the promotional activities on accordance with the corporate identity and have them printed and coordinate and control the related activities.

    •           Organizing events about bringing together various non-governmental organizations such as muhtars and municipality administration in certain periods.

    •           Receiving complaints and wishes from the person and companies that benefits from the services of the municipality and informing citizens about the municipality services, evaluating the results gained from public relations and making researches to determine the precautions to be taken which will increase the effectiveness of the activities in this field.

    •           Developing suggestions and projects towards organizing social and cultural activities within the scope of public relations.

    •           Inspecting all kinds of printing materials to be used on the basis of corporate identification (emblem and logo compliance) and creating suggestions which would improve the corporate identity and prestige of the municipality.

    •           Directing the phone calls from citizens (phone calls, e-mails, fax, personally or via press) to the related units and informing the citizens later about their petitions.

    •           Carrying out the duties required by the strategic plan.

    •           Establishing an archive for films, videos etc. and enables the facilitation of the unit from this.

    •           Organizing the necessary works required for the continuity and effectiveness of events which are organized within Büyükçekmece.

    •           Carrying out the investments for the promotion of the buildings constructed by the municipality and to be opened officially and cooperating with the related units related to these.

    •           Preparing the periodical or non-periodical publications (newspaper, magazine, brochure etc.) which are promoting the activities of the municipality.

    •           Preparing the promotional films related to the activities of the municipality.

    •           Organizing and carrying out the events related to the celebration of the important day and weeks.

    •           Organizing and carrying out the events related to the celebration of  national and religious holidays with respect to the importance of them.


Activities of Directorate of Press and Public Relations

With the thought of social solidarity and sharing for everyone who lives in this town, whether young or adult, we have provided allowance to lots of families, schools, students, old and sick people with food, clothes, bursary, job opportunities, health aid based on their need within the scope of our opportunities. 

Our directorate tried to reach to relevant places by doing the required researches in order to provide faster, healthier solutions to the expectations of the public about municipality activity and events and allowances.

We have provided food, coal, medicine, clothes for the citizens in need.  During the school year we have provided school uniforms, shoes, stationary to lots of students.  We have carried out the marriage transactions for the families who live together but cannot get married due to various reasons.  We have found jobs for the 650 people out of 10580 who applied to our municipality by corresponding with the factories.  We have carried out the circumcision ceremonies for the children in need. We have provided wheelchair to the disabled citizens.


In order the petitions made to the Prime Minister's Office by our citizens to be accepted in whole nation and petitions made to the Ministries and Mayor's Offices to be registered in Prime Minister's Office, 10 complaints received from BİMER are notified to the related units with correspondences and the responses received in a short amount of time and then transferred to BİMER back.


• We have provided food welfare for 5993 families who were in need.

• For the children of 2 families who cannot be able to feed by natural ways we have provided 64 pcs. of special baby food.

• A total 12.414 sacks of coal for 1209 families were provided.

• We provided bottle gas for 8 families.

• We have provided various clothing for 2500 families.

• We have provided medicine for 30 families who were in need.

• We have provided 2.520 patient diapers for 42 bedridden patients.

• We have provided 8.904 baby diapers to the children of 53 families who were in need.

• We have provided household appliances to 24 families based on their needs.We helped to the families who are moving into their homes.

• We have determined 31 families who were in need and provided them monthly allowances.

• We have enabled the 8 families who were determined to be in need to receive money allowances for one time only.


• We have given 3.942 TL to 53 people based on their urgent needs.

Units:​Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler Müdürlüğü
Phone:​444 0 340 Dahili 1207-1203-1204-1205-1187
​Fax:​(212) 883 03 73
​Address:​Mimarsinan Merkez Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:24 Büyükçekmece
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