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Private Secretariat





While organizing the vigorous and intensive efforts of Dr. Hasan Akgün, who has stated that "local administrations should be the fastest ones to follow and implement new developments in this ever-changing world", we carry out our operation with love, respect, tolerance and have adopted the principle that "To Serve the Public is to Serve God".

​​Activities of the Private Secretariat

  • Tracking of all affairs of the mayor in regard to his services; planning, programming, arranging and organizing these affairs.
  • Hosting the national and international guests of the mayor.
  • Making the necessary appointments on behalf of the mayor.
  • Scheduling appointments that are requested to be had with the mayor.
  • Organization of national and international visits and meetings of the mayor.
  • Evaluation of the verbal and written requests and complaints of our citizens, directing such to relevant departments.
  • Bringing solutions to these requests and complaints, and informing the citizens.
  • Ensuring coordination and information flow between all departments of the municipality by tracking current events and operations.
  • Organization and coordination of the International Culture and Arts Festival and all other activities arranged by our municipality.
​Unit:​Özel Kalem Müdürlüğü
​Phone:​444 0 340
​Fax:​(212) 883 40 30
​Address: ​​Mimarsinan Merkez Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:24 Büyükçekmece
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