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Directorate of Financial Services

nazan.png Director of Financial Services’s Autobiography


Akgün was born in Edirne in the year 1965. He graduated from the Mathematic Department of İstanbul Büyükçekmece High School. In 1989, he started working in the Accounting Directorate of İstanbul Tepecik Municipality. In 1999, he graduated from the Department of Economics of Anadolu University. In 2000, he was the founding member of İstanbul Muratbey Municipality and worked at the Accounting Directorate of this municipality temporarily in order to carry out establishment and organization work. In the same year, he was transferred to Muratbey Municipality at which he was a founding official. He served as Deputy Mayor in Muratbey Municipality between the years of 2002 and 2009. After the local government elections in 2009, he was transferred to Büyükçekmece Municipality since Muratbey First Tier Municipality was attached to Büyükçekmece Municipality as per the provisions of Law No. 5747. He currently continues to serve as the Director of Financial Services in Büyükçekmece Municipality. Akgün is married with two children.

We perform all of our operations in cooperation with the technologies of the new era in order for the budget affairs of our municipality to be handled as effectively as possible.



Duties of the Directorate of Financial Services

• Preparing the ​​economic classification of the Operating Budget and Financing. 


• Preparing the operating budget estimates of the following 2 years.


• Tracking and collecting income and receivables by assessing administration income as per the relevant legislations.


​• Keeping soft copies of budget income and expense records, evaluating these and preparing a final account for the budget.


• Organizing the condensed statements of the movables and immovables in the possession of t-he administration.



​Unit:Directorate of Financial Services​
​Phone:​44​4 0 340​
​Fax:​(212) 883 54 63
​Address: Mimarsinan Merkez Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 24 Postal Code: 34900 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul​
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