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Cycling Trips



We try to promote cycling through our cycling team that participates in mountain biking and road bicycle races in different cities of Turkey, our philosophy of a life with cycling which we try for the people of our district to embrace and cycling tours and activities we organize in Büyükçekmece and its nearby regions for the old and young alike. We continue to work for a healthier life and cleaner environment.

We have built over 11 kilometers of cycle track and continue to build more, while arranging new cycle tracks in our coastline projects as well.

Present Cycle Tracks: Kordonboyu Avenue – 2600 meters

Cycle Tracks under Construction:

Celaliye Kamiloba Byroad

Kumburgaz Byroad

Güzelce Yoğurthane street

Güzelce Aydınlar street

Güzelce Balıkçı street

Güzelce Geçit street

Mimarsinan Çarmıklı street

Mimarsinan Coastline Project

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