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Albatros Restaurant


ALBATROS RESTAURANT which was built in 1992, provides service to esteemed guests since 1993.

 We are proud to provide service to our esteemed guests at the horizon of the Büyükçekmece Bay and Marmara Sea, at a wonderful view, with a sunset of peerless beauty and romantic music as well as rich cuisine.

Kitchen of ALBATROS RESTAURANT offers you the fresh fish for your palatial delight. Our restaurant provides service for Group Dinners and Meetings in its 250 people sized Main Hall, also welcomes you at your special days.

With its winter garden designed by considering the comfort, elegance and spaciness, a sentimental environment is created together with the kind, elite personnel and rich menu.

Even though a lot of years have passed since our establishment, we continue to provide peerless dishes to our esteemed guests with the excitement and attention of the first day.

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