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Enverpaşa Manor


Enver Paşa left his mark at the last period of the Ottoman Empire and he used to visit this manor with his wife Naciye Sultan; where his father Ahmet Paşa, his mother Ayşe Hanım and his sister Mediha Hanım.    They used to anchor the steamboat which used to brought Enver Paşa and Naciye Sultan to the pier (which is located near the Pelikan Hotel today).  The pier used to be rather large when compared to the conditions of that time and it had sofas in which horse carriages could manouver easily and had stairs reaching to the sea in both sides.


They used to travel from the pier to the manor with horse carriages and Naciye Sultan could be seen wearing a burqa and veil and sometimes a loose coat called maşlak and headscarf.  Students who are put in two lines in front of the school (Büyükçekmece District Governorate building today) used to greet Enver Paşa and his sultan wife with the cries of "welcome”. Enver Paşa used to respond to this welcome by giving gifts to the students via his men following him. 100 money for each of the primary school students of which name used to be “Büyükçekmece Enver Paşa İnas Mektebi” at that time and a silver kuruş for each of the secondary school students which were receiving education in the place where today's PTT building is located were distributed. These ceremonies used to be repeated for every welcome and goodbye. The Father, Ahmet Paşa, used to live in the manor in winters and summers, used to ask questions to the students by attending the passing and finishing examinations.  The relationship of the ladies of the manor with the townspeople used to be official and  they used to see a small number of families and the shopping used to be done by the Arabic butler who was known by being fat.


Three storied manor with the blue painted shutters has a pond in the garden of roses.  The manor faces the sea and has the beauty of an ”unmatched flower” for the people of Büyükçekmece among other wooden manors belonging to 100 years ago due to its elegance and its habitants.


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