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Festival Venue


The 200,000 m2 area which is called Mimar Sinan Masterpieces Social Complex which was established as the arena where the celebrations of the 700th foundation anniversary of the Ottomon Empire would be executed and that has been transformed into a park with additional facilities for cultural and art activities is going to be the main base for the activities to be conducted. There are historical works of Mimar Sinan in this area which are namely the Bridge of Suleiman the Magnificent, Caravansary, Fountain of Sultan Suleiman, Mosque of Sokollu Mehmed Pasha. There are traditional houses which have been built by our municipality and which embody the architecture and culture of various regions of Anatolia, Anadolu'da Hayat Müzesi (Life in Anatolia Museum), open air theatre for 5000 people, tea gardens, sitting areas, recreation facilities, restaurants and sports facilities around the premises. Besides, two-storey Barış Manço Culture Center, which is in the Kültürpark (Culture Park) of the municipality where the Branch of the Folklore Association has been inaugurated at for the youth and the new generations of our district to show interest in cultural and artistic activities in a period of 5 years and so that they are educated on these endeavors, is going to host some of the activities as well. The other venues for the activities are the amphitheaters around the city and the ceremonial ground of the Cumhuriyet Square.


Apart from these venues, the activities will also be executed at the esplanade where approximately 50-60.000 people go for a walk and recreate at and also at the other open air amphitheaters.  Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center is another modern venue to host activities.


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