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About the Festival


Art meets Affection, Cultures meet Friendship;

The preparations for the 15th International Culture and Arts Festival which is organized by our municipality and which is to be held between 1st and 9th August 2014 has commenced. Having achieved great success, Büyükçekmece International Culture and Arts Festival is one of the first festivals of CIOFF member Turkey (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts), an affiliate of UNESCO, and Category A. In 2010 and 2011, our festival has been chosen as the best culture and arts festival by CIOFF. Over 9000 culture and arts envoys from all over the world have attended the 14 festivals so far and got the chance to know our country, our people and our culture.

Our country has been advertised, the cultures of the participating countries have been described and a dense cultural exchange has been conducted with the bridges of friendships formed between the participating artists. Apart from this, it is definite that more than 9000 artists we have welcomed and that left our country with a smile on their faces, are going to act as honorary emissaries by telling about our culture and the hospitality that they experienced. 

Love For Each Other, Peace For All…

Dr. Hasan AK​GÜN


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